What do Mission and Delirium look like in custom settings?

  • Re: Introducing Gemini

    I just started to play around with the custom settings. I really like it! But is there a chart somewhere that shows what the preset Mission and Delirium would look like if set manually? I would like to work off each and tweak from there.


  • FM did a livestream post announcement of Gemini. In it, they said that Mission is all zeros/default.

    "From what I understand these three settings don't full encapsulate any of the modes as each mode has over 20 variables that need to be fine tuned to create the ride. You can affect one or more of these with each slider and as you change multiple maybe more as the combination of settings is what determines ride." - Another post about this same question

  • @zapp thanks for sharing, it definitely feels like mission with defaults.

    Also based on feel I don’t think any of the original modes have settings comparable to negative carveability. Seems useful for reducing wobble at high speed but I haven’t tested this because it feels too scary when I can’t turn easy.

  • @cdogyin let me know when you find out. I was pissed when I lost torque by putting in custom mode nose up+3 agrees 10 loose -3

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