App only showing 99%

  • While charging the xr the charger light will change from red to green but the app will only show 99%. I charge and wait for the notification of the full charge from the app but it never happens. Am I missing something?

  • Hi same problem for me on a new xr, it charges till 100%, green light then when i unplug and start it, the battery on the app only read 99% and it drops to 98% when i engage the firmware gemini didn’t change anything.
    My xr was delivered to France in october and also have the shitty blutooth connection...

  • Same here for me on my XR!

  • Mine want show 100% before I unplug it. Only shows 99% while it is still plugged up and the charger light turns green. Reason I am asking is I place my phone close to the onewheel and rely on the 100% notification to let me know it is fully charged. After several hours of not hearing it I checked on it and the charger light was green and the app showed 99%.

  • @UP_RoaR you will either have to live without the notifications or have the board serviced. Could just be a calibration issue with the BMS or control board but FutureMotion will know for certain. The “overcharging” protection notification on my board malfunctions too, probably because of something similar. I just disabled it.

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