Looking for Fangs in europe

  • Hi,

    like the Headline says: I am Looking for the nosedive prevention Fangs in europe. I just Need two for the front of the board.
    Has anybody an idea, where I can get them quickly and without the fee hassle?
    Thanks for every help.

  • Me 2🙋‍♂️

  • @owpete is it really a hassle to order them from their site? I ordered them and got them in less than a week. Totally worth it too. They’ve already saved me on a couple of nosedives.

  • @tomfoolery I still haven't needed mine (hope I never do) but they've saved my buddy a couple times also.

    In talking to him, I realized another analogy for what they are and what they are for: anyone who's ever snow-skied or -boarded, knows that skis and boards turn up at the front tip (on a snowboard, the back too, since you frequently switch direction).

    And they do this so that if the tip ever comes unexpectedly in contact with surface terrain (a small rise), they keep going, up and over, rather than dig in and stop.

    A great rider who sees all and never makes a mistake could, in theory, ride a snowboard or skis without this feature at their tip, assuming that the snow/terrain is nearly always smooth/level.

    I don't think it's too difficult to see the multiple assumptions that go into the preceding sentence, where those assumptions can fall short of reality, and what is going to happen to the rider when they do.

  • @owpete hi,

    where you find it quickly i don't know. but i've ordered from him through this forum.
    i live in austria and there was no fees to pay. i can't remember what the total cost was but it was declared from the "Zoll" as feefree.

    Also ordered 2 burris onewheel tires (not mounted yet) from the states. Have calculated with fees but surprise tires are also "zollfree" :)

    hope you finde some soon.

  • How long will it take to ship them to europe? And how many are in the packages? What shall I take, the original or mini, I just need to for the front.
    Is it possible to send via this forum privat messages?

  • @owpete here’s the website. Click on that link to go where I ordered them from. There are two (2) mini fangs included in the order. They screw into existing holes on your front bumper and are quick and easy to install. They come with instructions and a couple stickers. There’s also a few YouTube videos you can watch for installation technique. They aren’t hard to find but I’m feeling lazy right now. Best of luck.

  • Hey Daniel,
    is there a way to contact you? Via chat or pm, I see no way unfortunately.

  • @owpete click on his name and on his profile page press the three dots to the right and start a new pm with him

  • @tomfoolery There is no possibility to start a post, just to Chat in realtime (on my interface at least).

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