OneWheel+XR vs. Lime Escooter

  • I bought the XR hoping to use it as a replacement commuter tool instead of jumping on an escooter every day. I can shred and take really tight turns in those things and hit turns at like 14-16mph and go down steep hills at full speed without worrying one bit, because I have so much control.

    I just got XR two days ago.

    I nosedived 4 times on my first day. It was the day after a heavy rain and I tried the offroading capabilities only to have mud act like a wall and send me flying off. Made me feel alive again TBH, as I turn 30 in December and haven't done anything extreme since I did parkour when I was 20.

    I went flying off at like 13 mph on the street later that evening, and then, while floating at the corner of a sidewalk, a lady with her baby in a stroller commented on how cool those things look and how she wanted to get her brother one. I told them they are extremely fun but I had already fallen 3 times at speed earlier today, mind you, it it my first day. After we said goodbye and headed in the same direction I bailed at probably 14 mph and tumbled in the street and got my back scratched pretty bad and the tissue near my lower ribs hurt; I got back on it was so much fun I didn't care.

    I got on my phone and video chatted with a doctor and showed them where it hurt, next day went into a visit, doctor poked at me, recommended a CT scan because maybe liver laceration. Waiting for that appointment.

    It's fun but I wonder if I can't go as fast as I could have on an escooter and that I should maybe have purchased an escooter with similar mileage and maybe 25mph (safely!) for half the price of the board.

    I do like riding it, but I'm wondering if my commute can take it; it include steep hills, literally Capitol Hill in DC, which on an escooter I can bomb down it at 20mph half asleep, but I am afraid to even attempt on this board.

  • If speed is what you’re looking for—the onewheel isn’t for you imho.
    Onewheel is for floating and cruising. Do people bomb hills between 20 and 30 mph on them? Sure. Are they made to do that? Hells no.
    I’m assuming that you’re nosediving so frequently because you are pushing the board past it’s limits—probably trying to accelerate too aggressively.
    What shaping are you using? Delirium can handle more aggressive acceleration than Mission, but it isn’t a miracle solution that will keep you upright and your range may suffer a bit.
    Good luck and stay safe.

  • Make sure you read the manual, especially regarding pushback. It's fairly prominent on the XR, so if you aren't feeling the nose raise up at around 15mph you are definitely pushing it too hard. The OW balances by speeding up to get back under you when your weight moves forward, just as you would when balancing a broom on your hand. If you push it to fast or hard, the motor doesn't have any power left to accelerate more to keep the nose off the ground.

    The other important thing is don't lean to go forward. Keep your head and shoulders above the wheel and use your hips and knees to move enough weight forward to move. You can jerk your hips back to make a correction a lot faster than you can jerk your head and shoulders back. This also makes it easier to put only as much weight ahead of the wheel as needed to move. If you lean your whole body forward, it will have to work harder to keep you balanced.

  • @aymon I agree with previous respondents, you’ve bought & ridden a OneWheel without understanding it.

    See my post “New rider? Here’s how I learned to ride OneWheel XR, 400 miles and no significant injuries.”

  • so you ate it on your brand new vehicle on day 1 that you don't know how to ride, and are comparing it to a vehicle you are a master at operating? do you see anything here you may need to consider?

  • Well I feel you should be able to push the board to its max limits if you so desire, I think we are all adults and paid a huge price tag on this thing with our pockets & our bodies and I feel it’s our right and pleaser to push the envelope at our Discretion.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Can’t imagine trying to commute in a city before I got comfortable... had practiced every day for at least two months before I took on city commuting. It’s possible to get around “quickly” (IMHO) and safely if you can take time to get comfortable and be happy with 15mph

    Otherwise I’d recommend

  • It thinks my foot isn't on it, and randomly shuts off at 15mph, I don't know why
    @eckit alt text

  • Hmmmm, have you reached out to FM? You may have a faulty sensor.

    What is your stance like? Don’t lift your toes or heel (on the front pad) while riding. You need to keep pressure on both sides of that blue line.

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