OW+ up/down rocking motion??

  • Hi everyone. I'm a pretty new onewheel owner and wondering about what seems to be bit of a weird behaviour.

    Whenever i go slightly uphill with my OW, it feels like the nose of the board slowly sinks down until a point where it rapidly lifts itself up again. This happens over and over again, and a whole "cycle" (slowly down to back up) takes abouyt 1.5 seconds. So it's like a rocking motion.
    It almost feels like the board slightly forgets to keep me level, and then suddenly it is reminded of its responsibility to do so and quickly corrects itself.

    Curious what you guys think about this.
    My weight is around 160lb, my tire pressure is just under 20 psi.

    Thanks in advance

  • Its just the motor surging, everything is completely normal. It is just working hard to get you up the hill! Happy Floating!

  • I weigh about the same and experience this too, even on moderate hills. Speed dependent tho. When you feel this, avoid going too fast or accelerating hard: that's what the board is trying to tell you.

  • Alright, cool. That’s all the reassurence i was looking for. Then i’ma just continue bashing the swedish streets. Thanks a lot homies!

  • also, try getting used to your feet being closer to the wheel, be extra smooth carving up a hill with knees bent. and maybe try putting your tire up to 25#. going up hills will really tell on your riding techniques. the techniques are similar to the techniques i use when i'm going faster than i should

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