Concave footpads

  • Hey all, I picked up a Cobra concave back footpad from OWArmor on the Black Friday 50% off sale and I installed it yesterday and I LOVE IT. So much more control, no foot fatigue at all, and the Vicious griptape it comes with is wonderful all on its own. Plus I'm no longer worried about a little water splashing on the stock wood footpad and rotting it under the fender. Fits the Flight Fender and my OW stand no problem.

    (It IS slightly harder to stand still on at a Stop sign than the stock flat pad was, but I presume that will come easier with a little practice.)

    I know there are multiple concave back footpads on the market (the new TFL soft/flex one came out literally hours after I ordered this one) both from FM and multiple third parties, but now what I really want is a concave front (sensor) pad too.

    I'm sure some mad scientist in the community has made one already for themselves, but does anyone know if there are any third-party makers already working on this for purchase?

    Or is there a reason that it's a bad idea? I'm guessing the curvature would make it harder to ensure both "halves" of the foot/sensor are engaged each time.

  • If you get the TFL Kush pad it has room for a front sensor, but you need to use a V1 sensor not the new sure stance.

  • @Jakegreene This is a tangent, but honestly the sure stance is kind of worrying me right now anyway - I just found out a friend had the dreaded bad-sensor runaway board happen to him. Luckily no one got hurt, but there are too many reports of this out there.

    Yes, everything fails sometimes, but if I know someone it happened to, and so do you, then that starts to suggest a failure rate that is not acceptable for a product of this type, given how relatively few of them there are out there, its cost, and its ability to injure a bystander if it fails in this way.

    I really hope FM is taking a hard look at this system and either re-engineering it, or at minimum clamping down on their manufacturing QC so that failures are far more rare than they seem to be right now.

  • @Glyph someone will make it!

  • @Glyph

    A few folks have tried making them to sell but it violates FM's patent on the front foot pad, so they got shut down.

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