OneWheel XR

  • Hi everyone! Just got my XR. I'm 65 years old... grew up in Honolulu ... started surfing at age 10 ... Skateboarded too ... With rollerskates nailed to a piece of plywood. Been land bound in Arizona for 34+ years. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about surfing ... haven't been snowboarding for a few years ... all my kids know how! Been waiting for the range of the OneWheel to get better and the XR just did it for me. I ordered it on cyber Monday and got it Friday! It's all charged up ... App is loaded. But to be safe I'm waiting for my protective gear to come in on Friday ... wIsh me luck and that I don't end up in the ER! Aloha and ride safe!

  • I just turned 61 and ride with my boys. Every time I ride my OW I can’t stop smiling. Feeling like a kid again. Smart move to wait for your protective gear. Many happy trails.

  • @surferdude congratulations and welcome to the float life. Just a few words of wisdom from a fairly noob onewheeler. Take it slow! I’ve snowboarded and used to skateboard and (quad) roller skate when I was younger too. This has a slightly different/ unique learning curve. Don’t try to push your boundaries or the boards too soon. I’ve done a lot of research and the nosedive is the worst thing that could happen to you. Don’t start off on grass. It’s lumpy and will want to throw you off before you can get your bearings. Glad to hear you’re waiting for your safety gear, Very important! It’s hard to wait knowing that you have your OW but I’d also suggest getting a little board protection as well. The float life has float plates and sidekicks (rail protection) that will keep your OW looking new no matter how many falls you take. here’s a link there. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed mine. Float on man!

  • @b-mendenhall ... Yep us older guys can still have fun! I'm not ready for Shady Pines yet! I'm exicted to get on it! Will take it slowly .... There's a skate hockey ring at the park. I'm going to start there. Ride Safe! Aloha!

  • @tomfoolery thanks ... I just ordered the stuff you mentioned. I'm excited to start riding! Aloha!

  • @surferdude - One suggestion that I have, go to a local hockey store and but elbow guards. Both of my boys have gone over the front and gotten bad road rash. I wear mine and they have already saved me. You will love it!!!

  • Try ballistic motorcycle jacket and wrist/ knee guards. The jacket has elbow, shoulder and back protectors. It’s so easy and free fitting. They have vents for temperature adjustments

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