Opperating tempertures?

  • I am hoping to get a onewheel + XR in the near future and am wondering what the onewheel can take. I live somewhere that has some hot summers and some cold winters and i have not found what temperatures it can operate in. Can someone help me out?

  • @Michael-Krejci

    Don't know if I've seen an official one. General rule of thumb, don't charge or store the board in extreme heat or cold. Warm board taken out into the cold works fine (look up Slydog Stroh you YouTube (@slydogstroh )), but will have less range. I've never had an issue in the summer but I store my board in a climate controlled garage.

  • about 20 to 15 degrees (Fahrenheit) is pretty cold for your board. I have had it shut off going slow and have gotten push back when I still have 20%. Just be aware of the temp you're riding at because it will drain your battery faster the colder it is out. Float on!

  • @Jakegreene @Michael-Krejci

    Future Motion actually just send an email out last night about this. I can post the details if you didn't receive it but it essentially says the same thing I listed above.

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