Just got a couple XRs..

  • Well had fun unboxing a couple XRs this weekend after watching all the videos and info I could find in anticipation. Im an avid skateboarder and almost 50 years old. It wasnt as easy as I thought it would be and my feet were burning after riding it around, trying to balance and fight the turns. Does anyone else get that? (I mean i can skateboard for 3-5 hours and my feet dont hurt)

    I took a tiny video of my first ride in the street...


  • @SteveSiz
    Goes away with time. Just need to keep riding. Good shoes makes a big difference also. Early on, try stopping every 1-2 miles and get off and just walk around for a minute, will help a lot.

  • @skyman88 Yah with anything, practice always helps. I commuted to work today for the first time and switched to my other vans, the other ones I skate with that are a bit more firm. I have really flat feet and I noticed that the movement of carving on the board stretches and works my arches a lot more on the OneWheel. Maybe I need a concave foot pad, but my feet want to carve like a snowboard, but without pushing the transfer of energy through the bindings; thus I strain my feet to keep them planted. I may try arch supports to see if it takes the pressure off. I'm thinking I may be using my feet too much to carve and should instead lean a little more. My biggest challenge in obstacles as a beginner is getting up a bump like a driveway lip. I have deep habits on my skateboard on how to either ollie or wheelie bonk up. Leaning forward for speed and then leaning back to absorb the bump is hard to get used to. as I have nose dived when i hit the bump, which could be disastrous when you keep your front foot on the sensors.

  • @SteveSiz

    Look up Chris Richardson on YouTube, he has a lot of great tutorials with lots of details.

    Otherwise, just keep practicing. I have a little lip near my home that I worked on things like that, safely, before heading into the city. Good to be comfortable going off curbs, or at least small drops (1-3"), angled curb lips, balancing while stationary, dismounting, etc... and unlike some others I'm a firm believer in practicing on grass/trails first if possible, makes the pavement feel SO easy

  • @skyman88 I agree. I have scene all his videos. Because I skate, all the expert tricks were easy on day one. I have done body varials, shovits, even 3 foot ledge drop. It is the regular riding stuff that I need lots of practice. I am going to put in some serious practice on dismount stuff and figure 8s etc.. I still struggle with lifting up my front heel to disengage, without turning the board to the toe edge

  • @SteveSiz

    Shift weight on your rear foot to the heel so help with that... and you really want to be decisive when dismounting. I think of it more like bending my knee quickly than standing on my toes... helps keep balance also.

    The emergency dismount is to slow to a stop (or <1 mph) and just pull your whole front off at once and pushing down with the rear so the board doesn't go anywhere... emergency is the wrong word but when it doubt, this is a quick way to keep control of the board, safely. Good on trails or city as well... easy way to end a ride in a rush.

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