Battery Temp.

  • So I left my charger plugged in for half a day now and the board been fully charged for the past 8 hours or so. I am noticing the battery is hovering around 98 degrees even though it’s been fully charged hours ago.

    I imagine the BMS is balancing the cells but should it be this warm long after a full charge? The regenerated amp hours ticker isn’t climbing either so I am assuming the circuit isn’t delivering any powe to the battery at this point.

  • @Mikey1 What is your air temp?

  • Mine just did this the other day. Basement room was 59F and battery left charging overnight was 98F in the morning when I noticed the charger light was alternating green-red-green-red. I assumed it was "balancing" cells but my battery seems to be going bad as well now, so this might be a bad sign. Also even under load I've never seen the battery get above 90F with current ambient temps, so that seems like a real problem to me if it's heating up this much during charging, which it never used to.

  • @skyman88 Around 70 Fahrenheit.

  • @readysetawesome
    Dang, sounds like you may have a real issue. Did you post on FB about this also? If not someone else has a similar issue right now.

    Is there any issue with your board or are you just asking if it's normal? If the voltage and range hasn't changed, I wouldn't worry about it for now. If enough people ask about details of the board stats.... FM may remove the ability to view them like they did cell voltages after all the XR users (15 cell boards) thought they had a dead cell due to the app being setup for the OW+ (16 cell battery).

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