Onewheel App feature for audio cues for various onewheel events

  • Optional audio cues generated via the one wheel app to notify the user of real-time events. As most if not all Onewheel users ride with music both either plugged in or wireless, I thought this would be an elegant solution for such events as but not limited to:

    • Safe max speed (I'm thinking some sort of fade in tone), this would work in conjunction to the push back; I was thinking about a gps watch option like most riders on here but really though I don't really want to strap on yet another piece of tech. and to take my eyes off the road.

    • point of no return (ie. half charge left on the battery);

    • low battery (configurable);

    • error conditions?

    I think that this feature should be configurable (ie. the audio cue(s) wav files can be user supplied) in addition to the default set and an option for the user.
    I think this feature is actually both simple and achievable for the App.

  • @Lastingfx pOWheel app on Android has a vibrate alert for low battery, and an audible alert for speed. This might help for now, until something with more options becomes available.

  • @Lastingfx Floatdeck app does this. It's pretty great. Check it out.

  • @DCSpud Is pOWheel still broken on Gemini? I remember reading that the dev no longer actually develops the app anymore...

  • @mariocontino Weather near me hasn't been the best, so I haven't tried it since Gemini came out. I hadn't heard the dev stopped, but that doesn't surprise me for a third party developer.

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