200lbs, only got 10 miles out of XR battery

  • Is there something wrong with my board?

    alt text

  • Check your tire psi. If it's too low, you'll get lower mileage. Also, if you're in hilly terrain, that could be an issue.

  • It's brand new, only 24 miles on it

  • I think there might be something wrong with it :(

  • How many charges have you gone through? I noticed my first charge was significantly higher than my second and third charges. I think maybe the battery needs time to calibrate its charge percentage, kinda like how cellphones do. You should give it a few more charge/discharge cycles before you conclude it's faulty.

    Also, try leaving it plugged in for 24 hours so the battery can balance itself.

  • I’m 6’2” 265 lbs and I’ve gotten as low as 9 miles but as high as 19 miles on very similar terrain. I’ve personally noticed that trip type matters A LOT. I see lower efficiency when commuting with stop and go (a lot like a car). I see the highest efficiency when joy-riding in parks where I will go several miles before stopping (again, not unlike a car’s “highway vs city”).

    I also prefer a lower PSI, so I expect shorter range.

  • The boards just trying to get to know you. Cold weather is a battery drainer and like @eckit said, the terrain and riding style will also effect the range. I’m 215 lbs and took mine on a 4.5 mile tester to a place where I could plug it in. Had about 80% when I got there and left with a little over 90%. Decided to go to the next city via bike path instead of home and it took me an hour and 15 minutes to go 13 miles. It was mostly flat with a slight downhill at parts but when I got to my destination I had only got 3% regen and still had 45% battery left. Long steady rides will get the best mpw? Mpwh? Anyway. Try some steady long rides and compare that to when you’re accelerating quickly and stopping a lot.

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