Nosedives due to faulty sensors?

  • I took my 4th nosedive at 15mph because the board shut off, do i have messed up sensors?

    alt text

  • Good question. I was getting a bunch of these messages yesterday in delirium mode on my new XR but it rode fine all day. Then when I got to 13% I took a nose dive. I was going less than 17 mph on flat asphalt. I'm going to try reinstalling the app before I ride today.

    edit: Reinstalled the app and took a 2 mile ride in mission mode. Didn't get any sensor messages.

  • If you’re new to the OW, it may also just be you. Watch to see if you’re lifting your foot while carving and try a different and flatter pair of shoes.

    You can check stationary pad engagement with the board on and the app open. If you press on one side you should see the head light get brighter and a shoe icon touching the sensor in the app. Repeat for both sides. Make sure at least that is working.

    Past 1 mph you only need 1 of the sensors engaged but for safety, you should always have 2. So if it's nose diving after that message, it's not clear if you're lifting your heel or toe and then loosing connection with the other side of the sensor or have a faulty sensor.

    FM has been known to mail replacement footpads once in a great while but they usually ask for the board to be returned in order to fix under warranty.

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