Brand new XR, 200lbs down to 29% battery after 9 mile ride

  • Is there something wrong with my board?

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    Also I've had the board just shut off on me at at moderate speeds due to it thinking my feet aren't on both sides of the sensor -- which they were. I've taken 4 nose dives because of this (I think) and was wondering if maybe I have faulty sensors?

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  • @aymon

    See your other post about the sensor for my comments on that.

    What's the air temp where you're riding? How many charging cycles has your board been through?

  • @skyman88 3 charges, and I guess around 40 degrees F, but can that really half the range?

  • @aymon

    Last night it was 32 degF and the app was predicting I'd get 12 miles on a full charge. In normal 50-80 degF spring through fall weather I get 18-22 miles, and usually on the 22 end of things when on pavement in Mission.

  • It depends a ton on terrain and riding style. I am 215 and got 12.1 miles on mostly pavement with 14% left in one direction to work. Top speed was around 15 mph. The other way, while it was warmer in the morning, it was more stop and go, and 12.3 miles and I almost had to walk-of-shame it the last 200 yards due to dead battery. It nosed up and I had to reset it and sit awhile then rode the last 200 yards. I think I was in mission at the time.

    I get that sensor error sometimes too, but I am hoping it's my hiking style shoes causing my toes to lift as I lean. I also have had a couple nose dives, but it has been my fault- leaning too far forward on an uphill and ignoring (didn't realize what it was in time) the very brief pushback. The heavier you are, the easier it is to shift enough weight forward to overpower the wheel and eat pavement. Be careful, take your time, carve and have fun!

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