Nose dive tests with sumo custume?

  • Hi,

    to get a more insight view and idea of These nasty nosedives, I was thinking of buying a fun Sumo Wrestler costume and test how and especially when These nosedives occur. Also a fangs test with These would be very helpful.
    Does anybody already tested this or has an idea, where I can get one of These costumes?

  • @owpete

    No sumo suit but a lot of testing has been done and posted on FB.

    Board has limits, it nose dives when you're past them. AND once in a great while there is a hardware issue.

    The Carbon Smith creator wore his full motorcycle leathers / helmet to test some of his products on video.

  • Thanks skyman, could you post a link to the fb site with all These testings and the Carbon Smith creator?

  • @owpete

    I'd have to search but join the OneWheel Owners Group on Facebook.

    Carbon Smith:

  • Thanks for the Reply. Unfortunately I'm not doing Facebook. Are there other links to Videos in which they test with protective gear the nosedive Scenarios and fangs working?

  • @owpete

    Definitely give YouTube a search as most folks are uploading there.

    Fangs are a "hot topic" at times as some folks are strongly against them. If you are using them all the time, probably need to work on your riding ability / understanding of how the board works... but if they save you that one fluke time, sounds great.

    Do you ride off road or mainly on pavement?

  • Pete, please get the Sumo suit and get someone to video your ride. I want to see it, lol
    On a more serious note, as others have said, there are limits to all three versions of our board. I have nose dived several times because it was my fault, being careless. It's about learning your board, your riding stance and getting to your top comfort speed, if that makes sense. Having a heavy front foot will surely result in nosedives. It's that teetor totter foot pressure that people need to work on. If you want fangs for piece of mind, go for it. I don't see a need for them. I just made a rear foot pad the other day out of wood with about an inch and a half more length, sort of like the "Craft and Ride" deck. I am getting a better stance and higher cruising speed as a result.

  • Yeah, the fact that having a longer tail could really reduce the Risk of nosedives dramatically. You will have the same wide stance as normally, but your weight Distribution is way more on the backfoot. So if you want to accelerate, you no more have to being your weight over the front of the board, Right?
    Any Video links concerning this idea?

  • If you ride on some low-traction surface like loose sand, you can get a nosedive to happen at lower speed due to loss of traction. I’ve always been able to just hop off and stay upright, doing this on sand is good to practice for pavement nosedives.

  • 0_1544644348277_New onewheel rear deck.jpg

    Here is my new rear foot pad. I still have a little more to do to it. Its almost an inch longer with a tapered tail and a 1/2 inch wider. I have another idea to possibly add some weight to the tail by screwing some lead to the underside so when at speed, it woulld take a little more front foot pressure to accelerate. I believe I would actually see higher cruising and top speeds as a result.

    Edit: I have also added 1/2 inch orange rubber gasket under the deck with gorilla glue spray adhesive.

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