App not saving my Rides

  • Hello,
    I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I connect the app (version 2.1.20) to the OW+ and go to Rides. I get quick message that GPS is good. Tap on New Ride, give it a name, put the terrain then go for a ride. At the end of my ride (last one was 2 miles) I tap on screen to end ride. I keep my OW on the whole time. I don't share the ride on social media (I don't trust facebook), but I did click share and do a screen capture. But when I look in the map, my ride is not there. Except for my screen shot, my ride is completely gone. I'm using iPhone by the way. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • @mr-vince I had a similar problem. You have to go back in to your ride and “make public” your ride in order to make it be seen on the map. Once you go to the “rides” tab click on the icon that looks like a book. There, you’ll see your rides. Click on them and then the eyeball icon to make private or public.

  • Awesome. I knew I was doing something wrong. Thanks for helping me out.

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