Authorized Resellers

  • It's not listed on the site but apparently there are authorized Onewheel resellers. I ordered my Onewheel directly from FM in the beginning of December and was told about the usual 8 week lead time. While I was waiting, I was reading/watching everything I could about the product I and came across the people at 4 Corners River Sports out of CO. I didn't know there were authorized resellers so I reached out to them and they had one in stock and I got my board before Christmas. I was grateful enough that they were able to take care of me and get me a board before the beginning of Feb (my original ship date) I said I would mention them here on the boards. They told me they have another shipment coming in sometime around New Years so if any of you want a board sooner I'd recommend you reach out to them. They can't sell directly online due to an agreement with FM so you have to call or email, but they are legit and I found them to be great to deal with.

  • @Apio I wonder if there's a list of authorized resellers anywhere?

  • I couldn't find one. When I saw 4 corners was selling them at the same price as the official site (although shipping was cheaper) I reached out because I was skeptical, but it turns out they are out there. The 4 corners people told me FM is just starting to build their dealer network so I'm not sure if they know how they want to go to market yet.

  • If your in the southeast and don't want to wait the typical 6-8 week lead time call Justyn at Southern Raft Supply in Asheville as I believe he got a shipment in today (Dec 30th) and has a couple unspoken for.

  • @Apio Aren't the guys at 4 Corners great people? I got my board from them also. They had 2 available when I inquired in the beginning of Dec. so you must have got the second one. No one in Hawaii had them available.

  • @ripdis85 They were truly great to deal with. They had sold all 5 of the ones they had and I asked about getting in on the next shipment. They emailed me back and said they had one returned unopened due to a "wife veto'd purchase" and shipped it to me. I live in upstate NY so I doubt I'll ever meet them in person, but I'd recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to wait.

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