How do you figure out foot positioning on a Onewheel?

  • I know there are many ways to determine your dominant foot. Once you have figured out which foot is dominant, does that dominant foot go in front or in back on a Onewheel?

  • @Stay_in_school just jump on and go. I have no idea which foot is dominate just know it feel better with one foot in front versus the other. And just go

  • Put your dominant foot (right foot if right handed) in the rear to start - it is your “rudder” and actually does much of the steering. and keep going the same direction at first, don’t keep switching or it will be harder to learn. Remember to turn your shoulders to face the direction you want to travel.

  • Great advice! Thanks!

  • @readysetawesome okay i am going to have to how this works. On a skate board, by far no expert, just entry but when i push it along a use my body and push the board left to right with my front foot. Well i thin’ that’s what’s gong on. On the one wheel to keep my feet on the pads the pressure is the same and i move my body left to right, point it where i want to go to move the board. Or lean it edge to edge for a slight adjustment left to right, similarly to a carving on a snow board. But on a snow board my weight is mostly front and my back goes right to left as the rudder. Okay you got me thinking..... i just jump on and go so never think about it

  • @Stay_in_school @kd6tav @readysetawesome

    The "classic" test is to have someone push you from behind while you're standing. The foot which you instinctively step with forward with first is your dominant foot.... The other test is if you were to run and slide on ice or a wood floor, you do that with your feet in riding position; meaning that's the foot orientation you should stand on the board.

    I'm terrible at riding switch (dominant foot in the front) but the majority skilled riders are great at it. Helps with 180's, trails, balance, etc... some folks even ride to work one way and ride home the other or do 100 miles in each then switch.

    Easy way to find out how you prefer to ride is to try. Just make sure the front pad (sensors) ends up towards the direction you are going so your back foot has a little more freedom to move.

  • i sup right handed but ride left handed (goofy). i assumed i would ride right handed also, but was incorrect. try both ways and see which way your knees shake less during your first few rides.

  • I'll throw another idea out there for you. Start your Onewheel journey by switching stances from time to time and you will learn both ways. Great for tricks as well.

  • @Earthpilot
    you are totally right. I never skateboarded or snowboarded, so basically when I stepped on the Onewheel I had no better side. I sucked both ways. I never really thought about it, but I started riding natural foot (which I guess is opposite of goofy foot- again, I never rode anything and had not clue). In retrospect, I wish I had done 50% one way and switched the other way.

    If I try goofy foot now, its like day 1.

    when your ride long distances and your back foot kills you will be happy if you can go both ways!

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