XR for sale. Fender and extra bumbers come with.

  • I've had it a week. Has some scratches on the side from the wipeout that broke my arms. Other than that, it is in perfect condition. I love it, but have to get rid of it as per my family.
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  • @rolandingramjr what fender? Will you sell it separately?

  • What is your location and price?

  • I’m interested. How much and where is it located?

  • How much $$? Interested! Hello? Hello?

  • I'm in Texas. I bought it for 1800. It's got about 10 miles on it and a few scratches (from my wipeout). Not looking to turn a profit or anything, but I know shipping will be costly. I'm thinking 1450 is about as low as I will go, considering the shipping and medical bills. At that price, the two weeks I rode it will have cost me about 700....Totally worth it!!!

  • I literally didn't go 1 foot on my board before I fell off and messed up my finger (super bad ligament damage) and broke my wrist (which I didn't realize for 6 weeks).

    That said, I recovered and watched a bunch of videos and learned a lot.

    My basic mistake was I took it out of the box and started, like a dumbass.

    In a weird way, it almost taught me respect for the board.

    Long story short, I hung in there and actually upgraded to the XR and have almost 400 miles under my belt.

    I would reconsider before your sell your board for low $$.

    Just play with it on the grass and enjoy yourself.

    Lastly read the 5 rules by Jeff McKasker (spelling?)... Great advice..

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