17 blinks High battery temp after charging all night in a 40 degree garage?

  • Turned it on this morning to walk the dog and got 17 blinks. First problem I have had. 168 miles on the board and it won't engage. It was out in the garage charging all night, not being ridden or anything.

    Any ideas what to try? I brought it inside to warm up, but I think it's been colder and worked fine.

    I sent diags in but got a message saying they don't look at them so not sure the point of that.

    Here is my diag screen: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ey2PdVcqq94YgkLB9

    Thanks in advance for any tips!

  • Check your owners manual. It will tell you what the blinking means

  • Yup I did - 17 blinks = HIGH battery temp per the owners manual, sorry thought I mentioned that. Seems it can also indicate too COLD of a battery temp.

    Emailed FM support and they replied within like 30 minutes. All fixed, they looked at my diag I sent in and they can read more info from it than just blinks.

    here is an excerpt from the email. Maybe it will help others :)

    It appears that your board's internal mechanics were fairly cold - Battery Temperature: 42.8 °F, Controller Temperature: 44.6 °F, Motor Temperature: 33.8 °F. These low temps triggered the cold temperature error code. The error code should stop once the battery has the chance to heat up.

    As we go into the colder months, it is important make sure the board is being stored inside in a warm environment (about 65° and up). This will ensure that you do not get a temperature error code when you start your ride, and will keep the board from potential damage from being left in a cold environment.

    While running, the board produces heat which keeps it warm. If left out in the cold, it will no longer be able to protect itself. Keeping your board in the cold (about 40°F and below) can damage your board and impact future performance. Details on the warranty and cold can be found in the Owner’s Manual.

    I want to be clear that you can definitely enjoy your board in the winter time!

    To do this, you need to be sure the board is properly stored before your ride. If you leave your board out in the cold or store your board in a colder environment when not in use, the temperature of the board and the internal components will drop. The temperature of the internal components when you start a ride needs to be above 60°F. The Onewheel generates heat as it operates keeping the internal components warm. This means that although it may be 40°F outside, you can still ride your board.


    So anyway, my board started working within 30 minutes of bringing it inside the house, so I made a stand so it won't have to live in my trunk anymore: https://i.imgur.com/1gISeJt.jpg

  • @Striider

    Correct. FM emailed a note last week about using your OneWheel in the cold which is fine except for leaving it there. They recommended not charging or storing outside of a climate controlled room.

  • I learned that lesson this summer, when I left my board in the back of my Jeep in the heat for a few days. It did run ok, but the battery temps were very high. Now I am careful to always bring it inside after I ride. Paid too much to not take better care.

  • @wheelrich

    I treat it like my phone... never left in the car in the summer or the winter. Glad to hear your OW still working well!

  • @Striider

    Thanks for sharing, got that same error on my board after leaving it outside for a few hours. It wouldn't balance, and i was thrown off with the "High Temperature" warning message. Good to know it's too HIGH or LOW. Brought it inside and was fine the next day. She'll be more pampered going forward.

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