App on two divices

  • Hi,

    is it possible to run the onewheel with two different smartphones and two different app versions on these phones?
    My girlfriend and I want to use our own mobiles for our rides.

  • @owpete

    Confused by your wording. Do you have two boards and two phones?

  • No, my english is not very good. I have one board and two phones.

  • I have an extra board I keep for friends to ride with me. My nephew uses the app on his iPhone when he rides one of them, but I also have that board in my app for other times. Some of the data, like highest speed for life, stays on his phone after he rides, but most of it seems to stay with the board itself. So, yes, it is possible, although I think the name of the board has to be input to each iPhone, otherwise the second Iphone will just identify it as a Onewheel. Either way, it works fine.

  • So now I tried to connect the new phone to my ow+ and the phone cannot find the bluetooth from the ow. The phone is a cheapish zte l110 with android 5.1
    Any ideas what I can try?
    Thanks for your support.

  • @owpete Sorry, can't help you with that. Mine is an Iphone.

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