Cold weather riding

  • Anyone have any issues with the cold? I have a brand new plus and it will not work in the cold. I get major pushback and error codes for temperature even in my house! I was told the XR has significantly lower threshold for cold, why??! Aren’t they the same batteries, just less for the plus? There is nothing when ordering about that kind of difference. Very frustrating, and a pain to send back to California. Frustrated in Idaho

  • @surfinsharon They are an entierly diffrent type of battery. The plus has a lithium Iron phospate battery, while the xr has a Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide battery.

  • How cold is your house? According to FutureMotion the board needs to be at 60F or above when you start riding, and will keep itself warm as long as you keep riding it (which is only true down to certain temps i believe). If your house is above 60F and the board doesn't work then it is malfunctioning, that is not expected.

  • @surfinsharon
    One option I had thought about for colder temps and believe someone posted about is using those hand warming packets that you open and the exposure to oxygen warms them for an hour-ish...... I believe they duct taped it under the battery compartment. Just an idea.

    If your OW is not working at normal room ambient temps then that is a different issue and FM will need to support that. Good luck.