Winter battery life.

  • So this is my first winter with a Onewheel. I have seen what the cold does to batteries in my power tools at work, and I’m just wondering how the onewheel battery takes it. I haven’t been riding when it’s really cold. But today it was like 40 degrees so I went out for a ride. It was a cold 40 degrees tho. Kinda wet and cloudy and windy. Seems like she died pretty quick on me . I rode an area that I ride a lot so I know what kind of range I should get there. Is this normal? Or should I be concerned that something is wrong with my battery? Any info is much appreciated. Shred on, everybody!

  • @BigJee

    Normal. FM put an email out regarding cold weather and your OW.

    Cliff Notes: don't store or charge your board in anything less than 60 degF.

    Most people see range decrease of 20-40% in the cold. My board does ~12 miles in 25-30 degF and 22 miles in 60-80 degF temps.

  • I'm starting to see a decrease in battery as the temps get down to 25-40 deg. so far I've averaged 10-12 miles on the coldest days. my riding style varies from trail to pavement (parks, neighborhoods, hills) and as much elevation as i can get. (Carving Up Hill is the bomb) The last 2 days in the NE (LI NY) have been cold and the there is a noticeable "lack" of power at times that require a reboot (power cycle) to get the board back to normal. All in all not to bad, I have to say I'm impressed..OK Stoked..who would have thought, Carving up hill..

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