• What does it mean when they say fangs on XR does not support V1

  • i belive what land surf means is the fangs V1 are not compatible with the OWXR model. i just ordered a set of FANGS 2.0 which does work with the OW+ and OWXR but not the V1OW. Acording to the FAQ on the website.

  • The fangs attach using the screw points on the face of the bumper. The V1 bumper doesn't have screws there, only the Plus and XR bumpers do.

  • @mconn

    And to back that up even further:

    The original OW (started on Kickstarter, smaller motor, different front sensor) is usually called the V1.
    The second gen OW is the OW Plus or OW+.
    The third gen (kind of) OW is the OW Plus XR (extended range), most often just called the XR.

  • @IanJohnson Not to hijack this comment, but I noticed your quote. Can you tell me what carve power I should look into for the XR? I click on the website and not gonna lie, not elecronically inclined and not sure if these are "plug and play" or I should know how to solder and buy 1~4 parts of these that need to be assembled in order to use..... any advice will be appreciated!

  • Did you pre order? They still say out of stock

  • Thank you gentlemen i had already ordered them and then started second guessing myself

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