knee pain!

  • ive put 500 miles on my OW in about 2 months. I ride exclusively on city streets and hit lots of bumps. My knees have started getting joint pain and discomfort. Anyone else get this and then remedy the issue? May pick up those soft griptape replacements. Trying to keep the knees over the toes too but just started that today.

    Thinking my cartilage is starting to get wrecked from all the bumps.

  • knee braces help, even the lightweight/simple variety

    You can try different angles with your front foot position, either more/less toed out. Riding switch 50% of the time will also help even out the wear and tear and to provide more balanced muscle tone which helps protect joints.

  • also: take a Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement daily. that is magic for joints

  • i'm about to turn 52 and i get that sometimes too. i started suspension training. lots of great work for the knees with that and you can unload your squats with the straps. also some folks put those gel inserts in their shoes.

  • Lookup Physio-Flex Maxx on Amazon, this stuff just did some magic on my wrist and ankle. It's got glucosamine, chondtoitin and some extras, in 1.5 weeks I went from pain with minimal flexibility to full range/no pain. Was to the point of xrays and getting it checked for arthritis/joint clean-up surgery

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