Spare battery for sale

  • Would be great if I could just buy a new battery with the whole enclosure .

    My battery is gone...
    While traveling, security let me pass, but while already in the airplane security came back and changed their mind, showed the battery to the pilot and he didn't agree to have it on the plane.
    Had no choice but to hand it over :(
    FM is not selling parts, and they aren't ready to sell parts since they don't want us to fumble around with the OW.
    People in my situation are stuck with no battery and I can't buy a new one anywhere else!
    I could buy those aftermarket extended batteries but I would still be missing the original enclosure and connectors, please help!


  • There is a Facebook group for OW parts. Some people are buying brand new boards and taking them apart and selling the parts because FM will not. Check there, you can buy a brand new battery and enclosure.

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