This thing is truly incredible! Just can't get it to stay connected to app.

  • Hey guys, just got my Onewheel+ XR yesterday, and it is everything that I hoped it would be, and more. I had built up a lot of anticipation, and it would have been easy for me to be disappointed if it wasn't absolutely awesome, but it is, indeed, incredible. Rode 10 or so miles my first day, and was pretty smooth and confident within the first few hours. Only problem is that I can't get my board to stay connected to the app. Any suggestions?

  • @c-han8484 - Consensus seems to be, sadly, that the Bluetooth chip (and/or antenna) FM used in the XRs is shit. Since it's hardware, the only fix is to send it in for repair/replacement, and even that has had mixed results (my buddy still has issues with his, even post-replacement)

    I've been debating whether to check and send mine in for it - I don't currently try to connect while riding, only when stopped, so the fact that it takes a few seconds to connect then while I check my battery and distance or switch modes is no big deal, but it would be nice to know that I COULD be connected while riding, especially because at some point I'd like to get a smart watch or something similar for use while moving.

  • Thanks guys. I think i will just live with it. I can just periodically stop, put the phone really close to the board, and it connects semi-reliably. The only real bummer is that I would like to be able to monitor battery life while riding.

  • Yeah I find it annoying that even when my phone is in my pocket, it still fails to connect. So now my board says my max speed is 10.3 mph, while I can guarantee my avg speed is more like 12 and my cruising is like 13.5.

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