removing the battery for an intl flight

  • hey there,
    so I live in Israel, and I've asked a friend who will be in the US next week to bring a new purchased OW back home for me.

    I've read in my Airlines security allowances that you can bring on board self balancing devices - only in condition that the battery can be removed from the device, and its under 160Wh.

    where does the battery placed in the OW, and can it be taken apart and separated from the device for the flight?

    id appreciate a good advice/ atm this is the only way to get it here, since FM don't ship to Israel, and there are no distributers at all over here.

    thanks in advance

  • @yarons

    OW+ is under the 160 Whr limit but the OW+XR is not and must be shipped separately. The XR battery cannot legally fly in a carry on or checked bag

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