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    I just purchased a new onewheel + and I am really excited about it, but I am very disappointed in the battery life. After fully charging the battery, It only lasted for 2 miles. The temperature was in the low 40's. This was my first ride. I am a bigger man, but this seems really poor. Is it possible that my battery life will improve over time. Is this a warranty issue?

  • @Mark-Stromberg It’s a combination of your weight and the cold weather.

  • According to the person I spoke with this morning at Future Motion, the battery should last longer than 2 miles. 43 to 45 degrees isn't that cold, I was riding on city streets, but my tire was a little low on air. I inflated the tire to 21 pounds this afternoon and I tried riding while it was in the low fifties, some improvement. At 57 percent battery life, I had traveled one mile. So that is a little better than half the battery per mile. I also changed my riding mode from delilirium to sequoa as suggested by the tech support. I am also having a problem with the board powering up, I am getting an error message, "my space", the board thinks someone is touching the sensor. Waiting to hear back from tech support.

  • @Mark-Stromberg

    Make sure your finger/hand isn't touching the sensor when you start it up. Otherwise, if it continues, you may need a new footpad.

    My OW+ gets like 3-4 miles when it's 20 degF out. Your mileage looks very low. If you download a third party OneWheel app you will be able to see the individual cell voltages (FM removed this feature in the official app...) and see if one is very out of sync.

    The easiest thing to do is to safely run your board to 0%. Sometimes the app is not accurate, so this would give you a real answer on what your range is, rather than relying on the app. Then charge your board and leave it charged, in a warm house, for 48 hours to let the BMS balance the battery cells.

  • @skyman88 whats the app name

  • @TheGurgeMan @Mark-Stromberg

    Check out pOneWheel for Android.

    I heard rumors that the Gemini firmware update knocked out third party app connectivity... but haven't tried myself.

  • What is tire pressure at? I’m 220 and run my + at 25psi
    May have something to do with low range.

    Ps range anxiety is real. Look into external battery like Charge n Ride or ranger kit. You should really consider an XR.

  • @skyman88
    I ran my onewheel to the point where it performed the well-know Captain Morgan and then I recharged my battery for over 48 hours. I actually did this several times. I was able to get my mileage up to 3.8 miles if I ran on mission mode and I pumped my tire pressure up to 32 psi. I finally broke down and ordered a ranger kit to relieve my range anxiety. I am running a parallel battery, ego, 5 amp. I don't know how far I can ride. Today I rode 6.3 miles in delirium and I still had 25 percent usage according to my app. I don't know how far I can ride. had 52.7 volts

  • @Mark-Stromberg Just for reference, I am about 190, ride in delirium exclusively, tire pressure 20. Have had my + for 1400 miles and have consistently gotten about 5 miles in the cold and up to 7 when it's warm. I mostly ride sidewalks, streets, and smooth packed trails.

    To ME, it sounds like a warranty issue, unless you are a lot heavier than me and it's very cold by you. But the + is advertised as 5 to 7 miles and 3.8 just sounds way too low.

  • Temperature can make a huge difference. If it is close to freezing or cold and windy, the warmth that the battery is holding from being stored indoors, can be lost quickly. Once that warmth is lost, the battery performance is very much dimished. A normal seven-mile board could definitely only get two miles in the right circumstances.
    I've been able to increase range in below 40* temperatures by taping chemical hand-warmers with an open-ended wind-cover to the underside of the battery compartment. This hack should only be used carefully, with consideration for not over-heating the lithium batteries.

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