Are my battery specs correct? I have them written down (researching buying two-x add-ons...)

  • I have the XR and love it, but turns out you can't fly with it. Kind of a bummer since its kind of a big deal to fly in Hawaii (not a lot of road trips!)

    Anyway looking into getting a plus, but researching numbers. This is what I have so far:

    [Some info from, some from this forum]

    ow XR Voltage: 63V
    ow XR Watts/Hour: 324Wh
    ow XR mAh: (CALCULATED) 5142mAh (???)

    ow+ Voltage: 48V
    ow+ Watts/Hour: 130Wh (Seen online somewhere)
    ow+ MaH: (?????) Seen 6900mAh on this forum, yet when using [mAh * Voltage/1000 = Wh] it comes to 2708mAh.... which is it???

    Oh and PS, Mele Kalikimaka! (My unsolicited propagating for the Hawaiian way of for Merry Christmas, )

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