Uphill Nosedive Problem

  • I have been riding the Plus and my new XR for several months. However, when riding today I was riding uphill when the nose dropped and I flew onto the asphalt. This was completely unexpected, with no push back to warn me. Thank goodness I had a helmet (head bounced off the asphalt), hockey elbow pads and wrist-hand guards on or it would have been much worst.

    My problem is in a relatively steep incline, what suggestions do you have to prevent the nose down dives?

    Thank you for any advise.

  • @b-mendenhall My two and only two nosedives have been while accelerating uphill. This is a known limitation of the board.

    I would advise being very conservative when speeding up while going uphill. i haven't had any issues since I learned that lesson.

  • Thank you - I will keep that in mind!

  • I try to traverse as much as possible and gradually climb. You really are asking for trouble when trying to go straight up hills with a battery 30%, or less. I try to show my wrecks on my youtube channel, and without fail it is always an assent.

  • @b-mendenhall I got fangs and one day tried a steep incline. The nose hit but the fangs allowed me to keep rolling up the hill using the fangs.

  • Well i took my first fall. Yes i went over. I was going up a hill i have gone up several several times in carve mode. I just hit 30 miles so feeling good on the board i switched to mission as i was getting closer to the speed limit for carve and didn’t want to get push back and do i nose dive! Well within a mile on my first uphill i went down over the nose!!!

  • Earlier i tried a really really steep hill about a 40% climb. Had it in incline mode and had to start off perpendicular to the hill as if not i would roll backwards, i went up it and was fine very slow. Down was interesting as it was like dropping in to a half pipe until the one wheel engaged as it was rolling freely. Down use incline for going down.

  • @kd6tav well not sure But i don’t plan on using mission for any general inclining now. I am not all about going fast. Top speed is 12 and that was on a gentle incline just before falling on a slightly steep hill at around 10mph

  • I live literally on the top of the town I live in Summit Ave. Which messes me up with trying to go places from home without over generating power (but that is a different post).

    While the Onewheel is incredible and amazing it is not infallible. When I am coming home from a longer ride and cruising at full power up hill for a long time, I am super sensitive to the pushback. When your are pushing the board really hard you have to respect that at some point it will need to stop. Even with battery power, I am really sensitive to the pitch/grade I am flying up and the speed I'm going at.

    I would use 10MPH as the outer limit of your speed. You get at 15mph+ and all bets are off.

    That said, if you are at a super steep grade going 10mph expect the pushback because you are pushing the board to her limits. Shut down can happened based on many factors (battery, grade, battery life, weight, how much you lean into the pushback).

    Long story short, start out slow and worry less about how fast your are going.

    Onewheels are so fun to carve, cruise, just have fun. Be safe!

  • @jackiemoon i agree carving was fun, but trying to go faster wasn’t fun. I was carving at an average of 7 mph. When i started goin up hills i was hitting 12mph so in the carve mode i worried i would get push back with the top speed for the carve mode being slower, that’s the only reason i whiched to mission. I wish there was a mode to allow you to choose to hurt the board versus having the board protect itself versus you, the human!

  • @kd6tav what is "carve mode"?

    As mentioned, battery, tire pressure, wind, your weight, incline, etc... all play into the board's capabilities. So if it's a steep grade you have to go slower than a shallow grade. The board will "surge" a little to let you know it's nearing it's limits but you have to be paying attention. For me, how I have my body centered over the wheel is the biggest factor for ability to climb hills. Body position is a big one, so may sure you're not leaning out over the front of the board.

  • I saw someone post about custom settings in Gemini to raise the nose position. This would likely resolve some issue with inclined travel? I don't have one. But I've been educating myself till I can afford it.

  • @Sub1le keep researching. I did for months before I finally found a deal I couldn’t pass up. So glad I did as much research as I did.

  • @skyman88 Cruz

  • Try Fangs for uphill issues like this, they work great! www.land-surf.com

  • I agree, I had my first nosedive today and I too was going up hill at a good clip. Strava said I was going 21.9 but I doubt that.
    I didn't feel any pushback either but then again I don't know that I ever have.
    It would be nice if there was some other feedback or indication that we were going beyond the capabilities of the Onewheel. I can't rely on the phone app as the Bluetooth connection keeps dropping.

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