App not recording Absolute Top Speed

  • Hello,
    I am on Gemini App version 2.1.20. Using iphone 6+ iOS ver 12.1.2. The app connects fine to the my OW+. When riding around it gives me my top speed for the current ride. However, the Absolute Top Speed is showing "0.0 MPH". I'm not really sure why the app is not recording my absolute top speed. Anyone have any suggestions. I'm hesitant to reinstall the app since I don't want to loose my odometer total also.

  • @mr-vince, I have the same issue. I have only had my board a few days, and my absolute top speed is also displayed as 0.0

  • @nellyMcB, I've had my board a couple of weeks. I used to be on the previous firmware. I upgraded to Gemini. It used to read 13 mph but I reset it after the Gemini update since it was a false top speed (I was spinning the tires in the air to hear the motor when I first got it). Ever since that reset I have had 0 mph. I wonder if FM broke something with the Gemini update.

  • Bump. Been two weeks and no response to my open ticket with FM. Should I just re-install the app? Would my username and rides be recovered?

  • Also seeing this with Gemini firmware and a OW+XR.

  • Same issue here. Have my wheel since yesterday. Top speed stayed 0. Resetted it, than it gave 25. Stayed there. Resetted again. Stays at 0 again. Resetted a few times again, without result.

  • OK, well it's nice to see that it's not an ID10t error on my part since others are seeing it too. @Future-Motion and @Onewheel-Support, is this going to be addressed?