When should I change the tire?

  • There are many videos/tutorials showing how to change the tire on the internet. Basically, some people want to use a different tire so they change the tire. I am wondering should I change the tire at some point? I can easily tell if I should change the tires of my car by looking at the depth of the threads. However, there are no threads on the onewheel vega tire. How can I tell if I should change the tire?

  • You mean there are no treads. If you see threads, you definitely need to change it. But if you look close you will see small dimples. Those are the wear indicators. When they disappear, that's the normal change time. However, these are not car tires. I see pics of many worn down until the threads are showing. You should be good until then, unless you just want to try a different type of tire.

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