OW XR won't launch

  • Hi,

    I really loved to ride my XR for the last half year. But one probleme is getting worse and worse from ride to ride.
    I put my XR on the ground, put it one, start the app, it connects to the app. Everything seems o.k.
    But when I want to level up the XR the motor either does not start or turns off after one or two seconds. After a few tries the motor won't start anymore in my opinion.
    Then I switch off the XR and switch it one again. And so on and so on.
    Sometime the XR really starts to ride but most times with a jolty start. At the beginning it worked after 5 tries. Today I stood there like an idiot for 5 Minutes...
    As soon as I ride there are no problems with the XR. When I stop during my ride I have the same problem. So it has nothing to do with a cold system or something.

    Could somebody please help me.
    Thanks Chris

  • Footpad sensors seems to have trouble engaging. When you are above 1mph, it wont shut down no matter what. That explains why you have issues stopping and starting, but no issues when moving. I would contact fm and see if they can send you a new footpad sensor.

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