Cheap Durable Easy-Mount Lights for Night Rides: Solved!

  • Hey all, I ride mostly at night, and the onboard OW lights aren't quite enough. I have a headlamp, and I spent a lot of money on LumeCubes, but those've turned out to be fiddlier to maintain and mount than I'd like, especially at that price.

    Tonight I hit on a solution which is so obvious and cheap and durable that I'm kicking myself for not seeing it before.

    Get two of these from Amazon: $20 a pop, 800 lumens max brightness, 4 hour runtime at max brightness (more if on lower brightness), durable, water-resistant, bright as hell, rechargeable via a USB port that is accessible but covered when not in use:

    Then, zip-tie them under your rails like so, where they are out of the way and protected by the rail and tire height, and Bob's yer uncle:


  • @Glyph I'm also gonna try mounting them on top of the rail. I might like that better, unless they get blocked too much by the fender and your front foot.

    Hell, at this price go top AND bottom, blind the world.

    If you have no handle, you could even just go to the outside of the rail.

  • @Glyph - BTW, having tested these out now, you generally will not need the brightest setting - second or third brightest is probably sufficient, which means longer runtimes, far outlasting the board's battery (even the brightest setting will do that, at four hours).

    Also very happy with the way the charge port covers work, the location of the power switches, and just the aesthetics in general. I'd recommend this solution to anyone looking for some more light at night.

  • I love the look of this. Very tacticool. Most of my rides are in the evenings too, so I definitely want to try this out.

  • I modified this install slightly. I added adhesive non-slip material (like you'd put under table feet to prevent sliding across the floor) between the rail and light, keeps them from shifting out of true so easily.

    Cut width to rail width, cut length from lens to just before the screw-butt of the flashlight (it screws up and down to cover the charge port, so you want it to spin freely).

  • A37C0CE7-E053-4E54-A19B-921FD0DA4F50.jpeg 89F00D91-BD9E-4EAB-A876-50E9FB42CFC3.jpeg

    These lights are from light and motion..not cheap but I like the way they mount on’re able to mount and remove the lights quickly...they also have a little locking screw that will hold them in...

  • @Glyph
    i meant to ask: is that reflective tape (that red ring on your hub)? i like it! did you just measure and cut out the ring yourself, trial-and-error like?

  • @Franko It is reflective, and it looks very cool when lights hit it. I got it from OWArmor. It's...a little pricey, but it's cut to the correct size and shape, which is not something I could have done easily and quickly myself. I have the same thing in blue on my old +.

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