Miles on my new OW

  • New OW plus showed up today. It came with 260 miles on it. Anyone know why?

  • Not new then

  • @mws did you order it from future motion?

    If not, your new OW is a used OW.

  • Yes, I ordered it from FM. Connected to it and started riding and saw it had 260 miles on. It.

  • Call Future Motion (don’t email them) and see what they say.

  • Same thing just happened to me, new xr delivered with 257 miles on it, ordered directly from Future Motion...what was their response? I just logged a ticket

  • They said for me and I had the same amount of miles that it was the way factory reset the odometer.

  • Yeah its weird, so many people are recieving their onewheels in miles in and around 250~270 but nothing below or above that. I don't understand how that works.

  • Super duper shady, that's almost half of your warranty already "consumed" according to the gauge.

  • @readysetawesome - I'm with you, I would require that FM either fix this at their expense, or provide written documentation of their error - the what and the why, clearly confirming that those are ghost miles.

    Leaving aside your warranty, if you decide to sell your board later you're going to sound like you are trying to pull a fast one when you tell the buyer that the odometer's off, and the board has 250 fewer miles than it says.

  • Out of the three OWs I own only one has the correct mileage. One had to get the BMS replaced and the other had to have the controller replaced. After receiving them back from repair both had different mileages. They didn’t just reset to zero.

  • Mine has it too. 260 miles right out of the box. This is my second board. First one wasn’t like that. Has anyone found out why yet? I’m gonna call em tomorrow.

  • If everyone is experiencing the same mileage, I would be prone to say it’s factory testing and FM is failing to reset the odometer. I would imagine this board and components go through quite a bit of testing during the assembly process without the board being ridden, until final testing before shipment. The mileage that everyone is receiving is too consistent. It’s a little silly to think FM is out there joyriding on everyone’s fresh ride for 250-270 miles lol.

  • @Wreckless I'm sure it's an artifact of factory testing. But that doesn't absolve FM of the responsibility to get it right before it ships. "Ghost miles" you didn't put on the board shorten your warranty. "Ghost miles" you didn't put on the board reduce your resale value.

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