North of Boston Trails to Ride

  • I live in Wakefield. I typically Mt. Bike in a bunch of places in the area (Fells, Harold Parker, Lynn Woods, etc.).

    Riding MTB you fly down the fire roads. I naturally assumed I would be able to cruise these trails with my Onewheel, but way too many large roots, weird rocks and giant crushed stone.

    Long story short, looking for recommendations on trails with hard packed dirt trails north of Boston.


  • Maybe try the Middlesex Fells Reservation.

    Also, the Fens and the Emerald Necklace in Boston are good as well if the weather is dry.

    The Fens near Massart and MFA is all just a loop of light rolling hills, banks, and dirt trails. The ground is all packed dirt, leaves, and gravel.

    Also there is grass and Astro Turf near by...

    I’ll keep my eye out this winter for new spots and circle back if I find stuff.

  • @jackiemoon @ATG

    Are you two in the Boston FB group?

    My favorite spot it Great Brooks Dairy Farm. We've also ridden Maudslay, Cuttler Park, Breakheart, Middlesex Falls, Lynn woods, a few spots in Harold Parker which was a blast, some trails in Middleton, etc...

  • @skyman88 no but I will look it up. I have only ridden with one other person in Boston and it was to test a board I was buying..I’ll look it up. Thanks for the tips ...

  • @ATG

    The Fens is a fun area to ride also. In the warmer months (and even recently) the Boston crew does some form of group ride most weekends.

  • @skyman88
    Cool, I check it out. While I know a bunch of the trails, my Mt Biking time has been to find the exact opposite trails than OW (i.e., I'm usually looking for rock gardens, rocky climbs, roots, etc).

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