Burris 11x6.0-6 treaded tire

  • Hello everyone, I just wanted to give people a heads up about the Burris that is out of stock. Some might already know this, but for those who don't, here ya go.....
    I emailed them 2 days ago and they responded in less than a day, which was nice. It speaks to their customer service and we all appreciate great customer service!

    Here is their response.....


    We will have the tire back in stock in just over a week. We are in the process of setting up a couple of Onewheel specific dealers and will be announcing them in 2-3 weeks. You can order one through our “old web store” which will not ask for payment info. We will call and get that next week when we return after the holiday.

    Go to this link to order: https://id3528.securedata.net/test.burrisracing.com/merchantmanager/product_info.php?cPath=0_1_206&products_id=835

    Thank you

    Burris Racing

  • @SirWheelGuy23 that's kinda how I ordered mine a few weeks ago. they were good about following through and sending it later. still haven't put it on...Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years took over my spare time. but it looks good and I am looking forward to trying it in the warmer weather.

  • Cool man, I'm glad other people have had a good experience with them. I was borderline deciding on the Burris and the Hoosier but then I read Jeff's review on the Burris and it pretty much solidified my choice. He wrote an excellent, mostly non-biased review about it. I only say that because they sent him a tire, but I respect his opinion so it's good.
    If you happen to install it anytime soon, let me know your thoughts (pros and cons) of the tire.
    Are you going to change the tire yourself? I think once I receive mine I will probably just have a local go cart shop swap it out for me.
    Also, how many miles do you have on your Vega? I have about 1100 on mine right now. It shows lots of wear, but it can still go for a couple more months I think.

  • @SirWheelGuy23 You are way beyond me. I have 2 boards with just a bit over 215 miles combined. I have an extra one so friends can ride with me. I put about 150 miles on them myself.

    I plan to do the change myself. I think it will be easier in warmer weather. I have watched a few videos on doing it and I think I can handle it, if I take my time. Main thing I am concerned about is getting the tire nice and loose with heat, using a strap and getting it pop at as low a pressure as possible. Seems like a lot of people have warped their tires by applying way too much pressure...then they rub and have to be shaved down. When I do it I will post about my experience. Let me know what you decide, also.

  • @wheelrich @SirWheelGuy23

    If you talk to Burris about it they will tell you 100% never use a strap on the tire. They were ok with just wrapping the outside of the tire with it but not tightening it and a lot of folks just put the tire in a 5 gallon bucket when they seat the bead.

    I did two Burris installs for other folks and they were smoothly. The key to seating the bead is just using a compressor vs a pump. The rate the tire is inflated plays a huge role in the pressure needed. I really like the Burris myself but have also tried the FF Hoosier and it is similar but I didn't put enough miles on either to have an opinion.

    There is a really detailed tire change video on YouTube that shows you how to use the notch in hub properly when swapping tires. Best tip out there.

  • @skyman88 Good tips. I didn't plan to squeeze it with a belt, just limit the expansion to keep it from warping. I have watched so many tire install videos. I think I saw the one you are talking about. Was it a go-kart tire install video? I do have a shop grade compressor, with a tank, so that's good to know.

  • @wheelrich

    This one by Eric is the best I’ve seen. Start to finish is solid. The groove part may be OW specific... not sure, but that parts at 4:20 or so.


  • @skyman88

    Thanks man for the piece of advice and the link to the video! I will for sure be checking it out. I still might have my local-ish go cart place swap it out, but the video might inspire me to do it myself!
    Burris actually called me this afternoon because I had ordered the --o-- specific tire from the old site the other day and they took my payment over the phone. It went well so kudos to Burris and their team. Good people and good customer service! I should be receiving the tire on Monday, so I'm siked about that.

  • @SirWheelGuy23

    Changing the tire really isn't bad at all. If you can't get the Vega bead to break with just your weight, a lot of people use Quick Clamps to do it and there is even a guy on YouTube that uses 2x4's instead.

    Worst case, you can't get the old tire off or the new tire on.... then take it to the local shop.

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