Foot Sensors on Back Foot

  • I ride with my front foot at a 45 degree angle and often adjust it when riding, so I have been using the foot sensor on my back foot (which I keep firmly planted perpendicular to the board). I've bitten it a couple times when trying to adjust my riding style to accommodate the sensor on my front foot.

    It doesn't seem like there's any performance difference (got my XR up to 21.5 mph), but since Future Motion makes it a specific point to advertise that the foot sensor is for the FRONT foot, is there any technical difference that I'm not physically noticing to having it on the back foot? Theoretically I'm driving in reverse 80-90% of the time by FM's standards of me using the foot sensor on the wrong foot.

    Does anyone else ride like this?

  • Exactly, great analogy. Only exception is that I'm left foot forward (Regular) so the XR grip tape cutout is flush with my foot angle.

    Performance-wise the board seems to act the same when riding on road & gravel and at higher speeds, but I figure maybe there was something technical that I was not noticing. No big deal either way, I have a blast riding it like this. I'm just curious.

  • @DoubleDown The board is heavier on the back side where the battery is. It’s fine to ride it backwards but be careful at higher speeds because the extra weight of the battery being in the front could cause a nosedive more easily than having it in the rear.

  • @Rado , great point. also what about push back? would the OW firmware adjust the push back to raise the tail end if going backwards beyond the boards limit? Imagine the pain and injury if going backwards and the push back lifts the nose of the board.

  • Pushback occurs like normal (roughly) around 15mph. It lifts the leading edge of the board, which in my case is the back foot pad.

  • @DoubleDown Thanks for the info and also for being the willing test pilot to find that out ;).
    From what I know about brushless motors, it really does not matter which direction it is running (just experience from RC hobby).

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