Not being able to charge right off rip??

  • I just got home with my owxr from fed ex and I haven't been able to get the charger to even shine a light on the power box. Red or green. I tried different outlets and didnt have no indicaters that it was charging. So I kept it plugges and turned it on after 20 minutes it was at 38%. Anyone else have this problem. I tried several different ways.??

  • @dirtydabs420 did you buy it new directly from future motion? If so, just hit them up (I’d call) and tell them your charger isn’t working. A thing you could check to see if it’s actually charging is open up the app while it’s plugged in. It will show a little plug icon on the battery bar or near it so you’ll at least know it’s actually charging. An XR takes about an hour and a half to fully charge. 20 minutes won’t do much.

  • could be a bad charger or the AC power cord that connects to the charger, you probably have a similar cord somewhere at home that you could try. Worth a shot.

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