Pushback at 15 mph after 25.6 mph nosedive

  • So I recently got the Onewheel+ for Christmas and since then I’ve been absolutely addicted. However, a few days into it I was just riding around my neighborhood and suddenly the nose dived and I got a pretty bad road rash. Later, I was checking around on the app to see what went wrong: My top speed was 25.6 mph. Soon after the fall I gained some courage to get back on the thing, however this time the board felt much slower and I would consistently get pushback at 15 mph. This has been happening for a few weeks now so I’m a little concerned. Could something from the nosedive have tweaked the pushback? Also, I don’t know if this matters, but I am in Massachusetts where the temp is consistently around the 30s. I don’t know if this has anything to do with pushback but I just decided to include it. Id be really appreciative of any feedback! Thanks

  • @willbelwood

    The max speed after a nose dive isn't necessarily reliable. When you fall from a nose dive, the board initially tries to recover until it detects you are no longer on it. During this time, sometimes the wheel spins up faster than it had been going at the time of the nose dive. So you never know, maybe you had been going that fast when you fell, but maybe not.

    Pushback starts at 10 mph in Sequoia, 12 mph in Cruz, and 15 mph in Mission, Delirium, and Custom. Some people say the speed varies depending on your weight, wind, uphill vs downhill, etc. However, in my experience it's just speed, regardless of load. So yours pushing back at 15 mph sounds totally normal. The only exception is overcharging pushback, cold temp pushback, and low battery pushback. Those happen regardless of speed or shaping mode.

  • @jlk250

    Thanks for the response. Very helpful. I just have one more question: If they advertise 20mph then how come pushback is at 15?? Seems weird to me

  • @willbelwood
    They advertise 19 mph because that makes the board fall into a specific category of vehicle.

    Similar to the "20 minute charge" of the OW+, the marketing can be slightly misleading. That number was for 80% charge... and the board is capable of doing 19 mph but requires you to have some balance. The ads also show them riding through puddles, used to show the beach, dropping off curbs/ledges, etc... all of which are stated to violate our warranty in the manual.

    So as become more comfortable with the board and know it better... say at the 200-300 mile marker, you will know where/where/how you can push the board... or not. If you respect pushback at 15-16 mph, you have a significantly better chance of not nosediving. Risk vs reward thing... Stroh rides his board at 25 mph all day and all night.

    And yes, temp and battery level do effect the board's capability/power.

    Also, join the Boston OW group on Facebook if you haven't already...

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