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  • hello all, this is my first post/comment/etc on the forums as I am less than new to the community. don't have my own yet, but I have read up so much on ow and fell in love from the first time I saw the concept. I've had the opportunity to try it out once, and it confirmed how much I'd love having one.
    the commute potential is what's really got me hooked. ideally, I'll be selling my car after being comfortable with the ride. I live in a small (and flat) city, where getting anywhere other than by car is quite uncommon. I used to ride a longboard to get around when I was in college, so I know a bit about dealing with cars and pedestrians, etc. I'd love to hear some stories/advice about using ow to commute! hoping to be a full fledged one-wheeler and member of the community soon. I've been lurking a bit and you all seem so lovely and helpful. cheers!

  • I commute on Fridays, and would commute more, but would conflict with gym, taking kid to school etc. All I can say is it adds depth to an otherwise normal day if you will. It's like a treat to me for the hard work. Being I live in the Sonoran dessert it can get challenging on what I wear due to 30 degree difference between day, and night time temps, but other than that I consider myself fortunate.

  • Unfortunately, relying on the OW as your only form of transportation can be a little difficult. When it comes time to service or fix it you will have to send back to Future Motion. This process can take a long time, weeks and months without your board. With a car, bicycle, motorcycle etc you have access to local repair and get up and running relatively quickly.

  • @Rado great point, thank you. I've thought of backups due to inclimate weather (bus, uber, etc) but hadn't considered for repairs. I'm planning on getting a decent bike anyway, but I'll keep in mind that I might have to use it for a month or two if repairs are needed. ow is just so much more fun!

  • @Rado yeah, I use my XR as my primary mode of transportation for the first and final legs of my commute. My Vega is starting to show excessive wear, so I bought myself 2 new ones so I could swap it out myself over a weekend instead of sending to FM for a week or more.
    If I ever need excessive service I’m gonna be in a jam. I’ve seen some services that will let you rent a onewheel. They will ship to you and everything. But I’ve never looked into cost. If it’s not too expensive, it may be a way to bridge the gap while yours is serviced.

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