OneWheel+ 19 blinks error code

  • My board stopped powering on or responding after a friend took a spill on it in the snow/ice, the charging port was packed with snow/ice and the power button was blinking 19 times.The board also wouldn't shut off or respond to any input, although, it would still connect to the Onewheel app, and would let me change ride modes. It would also show me the board's correct pitch angle and would recognize when the front foot pad sensor was activated.

    I've attached a screenshot of my boards' info, and have also send in diagnostics through the app before the battery died. I also noticed that the lights on the board stopped working and that the battery voltage (in the app) the app was jumping from 45.7v to 45.8v constantly.

    I've since then gotten all of the snow out of the charging port, and currently letting it dry out.

    What would you suggest I do next, or what do you think may have been damaged? Should I attempt to charge it after I ensure the charging port is completely dry? How can I get it repaired, and approximately what would be the cost associated with it?


  • My onewheel has since turned off, and stopped blinking 19 times. It now would not power on without a charger, although when it's powered on with the charger and paired to the onewheel app, it shows 18% battery, and then when the power button is pressed the charging icon appears on the onewheel app, although it doesn't actually charge it, and the light on the charging brick stays green. Unplugging the charger would result in the OneWheel turning off completely.

  • Sometimes they’re finicky for awhile after a shutoff. Try keeping it inside in room temperature and storing it vertically battery side down for a day or so, and then flip it and store it battery side up. If you happen to have a dehumidifier in the house try putting it near it. The snow probably short-circuited something in the power plug and you may have water inside. Keep it unplugged for a couple of days until you’re sure it’s dried out. Then try again.

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