New XR - crunchy bushing?

  • Hi all,

    From day one, my new XR has been making a crunchy sound as the wheel rotates. Can't hear it outside on the asphalt as the road noise covers it up, but it's very clear when in my basement:

    Otherwise, all else is good. I'm just looking for feedback on whether or not this is cause for concern while I'm still under warranty.

    Thanks, Jason

  • Sounds like just the sound of the surface of the new rubber tire and the basement ground. Can you try another surface?

  • I have 60 miles on it so far, so tire isn't "new" anymore. If I remember correctly, I came across another post about this a few weeks back, but can't find it now, but I will ride it on some carpet to see if the noise is still there. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Took a little spin on the carpet...

    I would have bet money that the “crunchy” sound was not the tire on the concrete floor, but it must be. Mystery solved!

  • That's nothing. Just a little surface grit. Mine make a lot more road sounds than that. Yours is pretty quiet, actually. But you can wipe off the tire with a wet rag and see if anything is stuck in the rubber, if it bugs you that much.

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