Got flat tire, want to replace. Saw tire thread... which one do YOU guys like?

  • I rode my Vega for 1400 miles on my + . . . while it wasn't worn totally out, I didn't like the way it would slip on wet grass or leaves. I had to bail several times and started avoiding almost any kind of moist areas. When the FF Hoosier 6.0 came out, I decided to try it, mostly due to the treads (note, the Hoosier 5.5 and 6.5 both had fitment issues on the OWs). What a difference! I have WAY more confidence, even on dry pavement. It just sticks to the ground better, making carving so much more fun. As far as wet grass, leaves, and even some mud, I just cruise right through it. I did have a slight fitment issue where the nubs from the tire were hitting the edges of the footpad areas, but I trimmed some of the nubs off, then just lived with it for a bit until they wore down. It did not affect my riding, but did add some noise.

    Changing the tire was a mixed experience. I had a REALLY hard time removing the old tire using most of the tricks I'd seen in posted videos, but eventually got it off. After that (and cleaning everything up), the install of the new Hoosier was a breeze. I didn't even need to add any slime, it's a perfect seal, though YMMV.

    I have a new XR that I'd love to put a Hoosier on . . . just contemplating if I want to go through that tire removal again! LOL

  • @OneDan Nice! You mentioned the 5.5 and 6.5 had fitness issues, but you mentioned you got the 6.0, and it still had fitting issues (but not that bad, as long as you remove the nubs, if I understood you correctly? Mahalo for the tips and sharing your experience bro!!!

  • @sidjtd Yep . . . it basically fit, but the little (ok, some were big, lol) nubs that are designed to wear off were still rubbing on the frame. I have just over 100 miles on the Hoosier now and it's fine. I truly think this is the kind of tire they should put on the OW stock.

  • @OneDan I'm a bit confused though, according to this list here:

    It appears the 6.0 are not treaded? I'm looking at the 2nd one in the list of five, which has the size of "11x6.0-6".

    Is the one you got the one below that, perhaps? Just clarifying!

  • @sidjtd

    That site is out of date. Facebook is really the champion of OW information rightnow.

    The 5.5 Hoosier slick already existed but is "like riding on a ball". It makes riding harder than it should be in my opinion.
    The 6.5 Hoosier treaded tire also existed but is too large for the stock rails. People were shaving the tire down until two companies come out extended length rails, Beast Rails and Rukus Rails. Beast were strictly aluminum while Rukus I could be ordered in mild steel or stainless steel... I'm testing my memory here.

    Both Hoosier and Burris currently make 6" (correct size) treaded tires for the OW. Big difference in price, tires are similar but each has it's subtle differences in how they ride. You can't go wrong with either. I've personally done two Burris tire installs for local guys and it was very straight forward. There is a YouTube video by Eric that is really detailed and well laid out. Biggest tip is to watch Eric Marshall's video first a couple of times (note the notch in the hub for tire removal) and make sure you are using a compressor and not a hand pump to seat the new tire. Hand pump has led to issues with some locals.... compressor has much higher rate of air flow which makes a big difference.

    What type of terrain do you ride? Is money an issue? Do you have any locals you can meet up with to see what tires they ride?

  • @skyman88 Money (for theonewheel) is not an issue! I set aside all my fun money for this guy now. Not to mention how much fun it is and how it costs practically nothing outside the realm of upfront and accessories.

    I go a lot of poorly paved and extremely "natural" grassy areas.

    I don't know of anyone else who rides but I should look into that because I know they exist!!!

  • @sidjtd

    Honestly either both the FF and Burris tire are awesome. Can’t really go wrong, but a couple mile test ride may help you decide. Check Facebook for a local group near you

  • i really love the burris 5.5. i mean really love it. i think offroad is easier on it. i think on road is easier on it. some of my friends think its too rounded and makes it hard, some feel the same as i do. i like to feel like i'm floating. i like to ride subtly and smoothly. if you like to be real demonstrative in your motions when you ride the 5.5 may not be for you. if you want to be able to maneuver around trail obstacles quickly and efficiently and you're smooth in how you ride the burris 5.5 is awesome. i guess what i'm trying to say is i have to work a lot less to carve and maneuver than the standard or 6" tire.

  • its kinda like kayaking or supping whitewater. sometimes instead of having to travel around the world for bigger, scarier water, you just get a more challenging and maneuverable boat/board and the class 3's are not gripping again, and you just keep improving your skills that way.