21 Blinks, OW not charging / turning on

  • Hi all, my ON stopped working out of nowhere, it's not charging and giving 21 blinks, I cannot find the issue, attached the stats when plugged. (charger light stays green)

    Does anybody have the same issue? Do you know which type of error is this, from manual and online: no clue.

    Thanks for your help

    1_1547157543577_IMG_1022.PNG 0_1547157543577_IMG_1015.PNG

  • Your battery voltage is reading 0.0. This is not normal. You either have a bad BMS or a bad battery. You will most likely need to send it in to FM to get repaired. Call them, don’t use their online ticket system.

  • Thank a lot for your reply Rado, could it be because some water got in? I used the board under normal weather also avoiding ponds but I am afraid that could be an issue for some reason, can't see any other reasons why, I only commuted with if on asphalt

    thanks again

  • @makkobu That could be the the cause. Sometimes the BMS just goes bad though. I’ve seen it quite a bit on the forums.

  • @makkobu if you’re going to send it in and you have the slightest thought you may have gotten water damage, strip it down as much as you can and remove any signs of water spots first. I’ve heard they can quickly point the finger back at you and say the warranty is voided due to water damage.

  • Thanks, guys! Really appreciated, will do as you suggested

  • @Rado the voltage reads 0 but so does the temp and pitch angles. Could it be reading 0 because the board wasn’t powered on when he took the screenshot?

  • @tomfoolery The app doesn’t connect to the board unless it’s plugged in and charging or it’s turned on.

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