Some tips for a newbie

  • I got the onewheel + , live in the Tri-State area and it been a bit cold. So the onewheel has been been only about 4 miles. Is that normal considering I weigh about 230 and it’s low 40s? I talked to other onewheelers on Instagram and they say leave the onewheel on the charger when not using it. Is that normal? Also saw online about a battery pack called the Two-X. Does anyone have it and is it worth it? Thanks

  • @Whatup I also live in the tri state. I have an XR and I weigh about 30lbs more than you. I see range of 8-10 miles on colder days vs 12-15 on more moderate days due to my size.
    So, since you have a plus; I’m going to say that a 4 mile range sounds about consistent to my experience.
    I wouldn’t leave your Onewheel on the charger indefinitely on a regular basis. The charger and the onewheel itself has protections to prevent overcharging, but you’re still using up fractions of cycles over time. When the battery drops a percent or two naturally sitting there—the charger charges the battery to get it back to 100%. These “micro charges” (my term—not an official one to my knowledge) add up over time.
    I charge it up every night for my commute the next day. But I unplug it as soon as it hits 100%.
    Every few weeks, I will let it charge for a few hours to let the board cycle the cells so that it reports accurate capacity.
    If I plan on storing for a few days I will only charge to 80% because batteries don’t like being stored at 100% either.
    Batteries are such high-maintenance jerks, aren’t they?

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