Overcurrent (6) while standing still

  • So, tonight I was balancing on my board at a standstill. All of a sudden the motor disengaged and the tail dropped to the ground. At first I thought my XR thought I lifted my heel. But upon further inspection the front and tail lights were out and the power button was blinking.
    I thought to myself, huh—did I run out of juice?
    I came inside and checked my app notifications. “Getting a little rowdy”
    “An overcurrent has been detected (6). Please switch Onewheel off and back on.”
    After looking online, it sounds like this should only happen durring overly-aggressive downhill riding while the battery is being regenerated. But this was at a standstill, perhaps with very slight rocking back and forth as I am not skilled enough to get the board to stay perfectly stationary for more than a few seconds. But I wasn’t riding (thank god).
    Has anyone experienced this? Don’t get me wrong—I’m still going to ride. And I’m not afraid of this happening again while riding. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this type of overcurrent while standing still.
    Here’s some details about the situation:
    Onewheel XR
    280 miles on it
    45% battery at the time of failure
    32°F outside
    Was at the end of a 1.2 mile ride over level terrain
    Top speed of ride was 14.2 MPH
    Stock everything

  • I'm having the same problem, but mine might need to be sent in... It happens multiple times per day, no matter what I do it with resetting cables or tire pressure, etc (tips from tech support/ forums). They are responsive and helpful, although some members disagree....

  • @frostiki thanks for responding. Did it ever happen to you while riding? Or just while at a standstill? Just trying to gauge how concerned I need to be. If it happens again at a standstill—no problem. If it happens again to me at speed in traffic—I’m screwed.

  • @eckit What were the battery and controller temperatures? OWs don’t like the cold and neither do the batteries.

  • @Rado mid to high 60’s I’ve noticed that they keep their temperature pretty well over the course of a 1-2 mile ride, even in the cold (down to the low 20s in my experience). It takes a while for their core temp to drop significantly.
    The controller drops faster than the batteries—which makes sense. The batteries much thicker and denser than the controller board. They also produce a bit of their own heat as they discharge if I had to guess.

  • As far as I know, this is normal behavior if the OW is on rough ground at very low speed. For example, my lawn is bumpy and I when I tried to ride there on day one I got this motor stall error when my OW (+XR) rolled to the bottom of a divot and didn't have enough torque to climb out. No issues on pavement.

    Very rarely I have gotten the error when reversing direction on pavement. Never at speed, and in 190 miles I've had no high speed nose dives. I'm a heavier rider, at 230 lbs, which may be contributing to the motor stall.

  • @eckit - Hey man, did this ever happen again to you? It just happened to me, nearly same description. Was waiting to cross an intersection, kind of rocking back and forth on it slightly as I often do. 95% battery. Same error/behavior. Not cold at all though. Scared it could happen at speed on the streets. Between 4-500 miles on this XR (and probably roughly that on my old +, so I would call myself an intermediate rider at this point). I weigh 190#. Nothing particularly unusual about the pavement, a very slight slope (it was a sidewalk ramping down slightly to the street crosswalk.)

  • @Glyph I may have figured out mine, and it's probably user error. jlk250's comment reminded me that just before it happened, I was resting the back deck on a curb while standing on it. I think the board wanted to move forward or back, couldn't because it was caught on the curb, and shut off to prevent motor burn.

  • @Glyph hasn’t happened to me since.

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