Aroma ONEWHEEL (Guitar) Stand

  • Aroma Aluminum Floor Stand Black...

    Saw somebody post about this a while back so I had to try it. Works perfectly and for 17 bucks you can’t beat it. Just had to make a few adjustments to get the right angle and VOILA! Perfectly balanced, won’t tip over, and sturdy enough to support the weight. I’m a happy camper.!

  • Looks good, and if you change pads you can probably readjust it to fit. I have to turn my board upside down to fit with the onetail+.

  • Im so confused! This actually won't tip over? It totally looks like its asking to fall over unless its perfectly balanced like one of those jenga towers or even better, those stone towers you see in tourist areas

  • @sidjtd it’s adjustae so you slide the legs to the point where it’s sturdy. No tipping.

  • @CapoDelToro Very cool, I may also buy it then. I had a guitar stand that looked similar that made a Bass guitar tip over quite a bit. You're saying that once you slide the legs out, it wont tip practically at all?

    I didnt like how my bass guitar you tapped it lightly and it basically almost always fell over

  • @sidjtd I just got mine after seeing @CapoDelToro's thread. You just slide the legs forward a bit (takes 2 seconds) and the OW rests safely and securely upright. WAY less expensive than my other stand and it folds up so it's portable.

  • @OneDan - I had one of these - I never had issues with the STAND tipping front-to-back, but because it's designed for guitars (which have a wider base than a OW footpad) if you don't place the OW EXACTLY upright (or, if it gets bumped after insertion), the butt-end of the board can slide and the OW can tip over side-to-side.

    After I did this the third or fourth time I just bought a more expensive, OW-specific stand.

  • @Glyph Ah, thanks for the advice . . . I'll try it out for a while, but at least it wasn't a big bite to my wallet!

  • @OneDan If you're more coordinated and precise than me, you may never have a problem.

  • I just got this stand yesterday. IMO, this stand is NO GOOD.


    1. When opened the front support notches splay too far apart making them rest on the rounded part of the board and the rubber is made of a non-tacky rubber. This makes the board easily slide from one side to the other if not rested in it with almost prefect balance and centering.

    2. The upper back support rest does not support the board on the under side of the board where it should support the weight but actually on the tire itself proliferating the possible balance shift mentioned above and also possibly deforming the shape of the tire if used for prolonged periods of time.

    I happen to have an online business where I manufacture stands...I will be designing and manufacturing a stand for the OW that will be inexpensive, light, collapsible, portable, and highly functional for our needs. This stand should also work for regular skateboards and also (possibly) snowboards.

    When available, it will be on amazon for purchase and I will make it as inexpensive as possible for us all, as the stands I’ve seen on the market for the OW are outrageously expensive and are gouging us.

    Stay tuned.

  • @causticgrip Was planning to use this when I travel, but took a closer look and agree on both points! Good thing I have some guitars I can use it for, LOL. Thanks for the more detailed review.

  • @Glyph I just took a long velcro strap and wrapped it around the legs, which keeps them from getting any wider than the board. Problem solved.

  • @UP_RoaR I'm willing to bet that would tip over.

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