Got my Onewheel 2 weeks ago. I just decked it out. All the tape work was done by hand. Nothing came prefabbed but the rail guards. Opinions and comments are welcome. I named mine, “RîG*VICîOUS” (Now I gotta learn to ride the thing)

  • @HanahsDax FlightFender

  • @HanahsDax oh man, sorry but I eye balled it using that tool I posted the link to. It has a ruler built on it, but I was so caught up in my project that I did not note the diameter...sry.

    The nice thing about that tool however is with the safety-cap left on its a nice perfect fit into the center hub nuts axel hole allowing an easy estimate of the diameter.

    As for the fender kit? I picked up the entire Flight Fin fender kit with Fins. (I just this week installed the fins as I felt my skill level now warrants them and they actually improve performance. You’ll also note the red Kush Pad. New pic included...) Ran $209 for the FFs, Pad was another $100. I gotta tell you, the prices for these 3rd party products are outrageous for these things. Cost to produce is likely $5-8, with packaging and shipping, maybe $8-10. These guys making these 3rd party products are gouging the shit out of us.

    Which is why I plan to hack most of these designs and produce my own stuff which will be far more affordable and bring this market into a realm of realism in regards to price. I already did that in the tablet market with lap stands, and I’m going to do it in the personal electronic transport market.

    First product coming is a portable OW stand. It’s going to be collapsible, tough and very affordable. Designs are already underway. Stay tuned.


  • @cojobi

    You said I needed a matching outfit...well I took Rig out for a little errand run today and remembered I had some old motorcycle here’s my matching outfit, which is far more hardcore than that insult you threw my way...🤨.

    What do you think?

    FA7CF268-5D16-4DC4-8BFF-93B97FF0727C.jpeg 1F0898FA-9C26-454C-89CC-DCE2622237A4.jpeg

  • @causticgrip Yes! You look just about ready to jump the Grand Canyon or whatever Evil Knieval stunt you prefer. Or better yet, just look like you could if you wanted to.

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